and help doctors grow their practices by recommending our services

  • Generous Commissions

    Unlimited income potential - no strings attached
  • Professional Marketing Materials

    High quality flyers/brochures to support your efforts
  • Training Provided

    Initial training to teach about PRM's full service line
  • Dedicated Affiliate Director

    On-demand support whenever you need it
  • Quick Closes, Long Retention

    We make every effort to keep our clients happy, which ensures a nice recurring source of revenue for you.

Affiliate Program Commissions:

Our affiliate program commissions are among the highest in the business. We do all the heavy lifting, and you and your referred client get all the benefit of our experienced team. With retention rates around 97.6%, this can be a major income stream with very little effort.

Recurring Monthly Services: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Reputation Management, Referral Outreach Marketing

Tier 1: $200 – $5,000 = 10% of each payment from your referred client
Tier 2: $5,001 – $10,000 = 15% of each payment from your referred client
Tier 3: $10,001 – $15,000 = 20% of each payment from your referred client
Tier 4: $15,001 – $20,000 = 25% of each payment from your referred client
Tier 5: $20,001 – $25,000 = 30% of each payment from your referred client

One-Time Charges: Setup fees, Design, Development, etc.
$0 – $4,995 = 5%
$4,996+ = 10%

Who We Are Looking For

Relationship Builders

We're looking for established relationships with medical clients, or the capacity to build them. If you're a born salesperson, great! If you're a current contractor or employee, you might also be a fit. Let us know!

Ability to Leverage Experience

Experience in the healthcare industry (medical, pharma, practice management, billing and/or medical marketing, etc.) and the ability to leverage the trust you've earned over your career.


Motivated individuals who are results driven, and aren't afraid to make recommendations. While you can make a significant commission doing this in your idle time, we're much more interested in motivated partners with a drive to succeed.

The Bottom Line

We’re Making It Easy For You To Add Value For Existing Relationships & Grow Your Own Revenue Stream

You are paid a lifetime residual based on the recurring monthly services listed above, as long as the account you referred remains an active paying customer.
The good news here is that our services and support are so strong that we expect to retain the client indefinitely.
With the results we deliver, just referring 2-3 accounts can evolve into a significant revenue stream rather quickly. Best of all, this revenue stream will last due to the results we deliver. We deliver ROI and are one solid Advertising & Marketing agency.

We're a Perfect Fit For...

  • Physician Liaisons & Referral Outreach Agencies Who Don't Provide Full-Service Marketing Solutions
  • Pharma & Medical Device Reps With Strong Rapport in the Medical Community
  • Veterinary & Pet Product Sales People Who'd Like Additional Income
  • Practice Management Consultants Who Have Built Trust and Can Influence Decisions
  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies With Clients Who Would Benefit From Our Referral Outreach Marketing & Physician Liaisons
  • Website Developers Who Don't Specialize in SEO & PPC
  • SEO & PPC Agencies Who Could Refer Clients for Graphic Design, Referral Outreach Marketing, Website Design, etc.

Contact Susan Barber, Director of Strategic Partnerships, with any questions. 888-336-1344 x737


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