Comprehensive Medical SEO Strategies for Doctors
At our healthcare marketing agency, we understand the importance of effective medical SEO strategies for doctors in today’s digital landscape. In this article, we will delve into comprehensive techniques that can help doctors outrank their competitors and boost their online visibility. By implementing these strategies, … Read More

Effective Doctor Referral Marketing Strategies for Optimal Growth
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What is a great medical website design?
Healthcare organizations are faced with expanded challenges as the internet becomes a vital and growing requirement for the industry. 2020 and the shift to telehealth has been one of the more eye-opening experiences of the past decade in medical marketing. Nearly overnight, consumer behavior … Read More

We’re proud to announce that we’re a Facebook Marketing Partner!  We have been creating client content and campaigns since before business pages were allowed (it was basically the wild west!).  You can access our listing here.
What is a Facebook Marketing Partner?
Facebook Marketing Partners are companies and agencies that have experience … Read More

Digital advertising, done well, can be an absolute miracle for a practice or healthcare system.  Done poorly, or without a sound strategy, and it can be a budget killer.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on digital advertising in the realm of Google search and display ads.  Google gets … Read More

Physician liaison marketing can be a huge boon to your practice, accelerating your long-term referral growth. However, many practices struggle to manage their physician liaisons and marketing programs, for several reasons.

Management cost:  physician liaison marketing programs require strong management.  You may opt to have someone already on your team … Read More

2020 saw a lot of talk about implicit bias training in healthcare- and very little action. There was actually a bit of backlash to the directive from Gov. Whitmer in Michigan after she declared on July 9th that healthcare professionals will be required to take implicit bias training to obtain … Read More

While more and more patients are finding their way to your office via the web, getting patient referrals from other physicians is still very much imperative, if not vital. Time and time again, practices that engage in referral-based marketing have doubled and tripled their new patient numbers simply by picking up new … Read More

While acquiring new patients is usually the goal, one of the most powerful yet overlooked marketing tools in your practice is your existing patient database. These patients already know and trust you and your practice but it might just take a simple tap on the shoulder to remind them. Staying … Read More

We recently won a top spot among the Top 20 Advertising Agencies in metro Detroit, and we couldn’t be prouder!

From their notes:
Physician Referral Marketing is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that focuses on assisting physicians and dentists in the health care industry with advertising their services online and through … Read More

COVID-19 is not sparing health care workers, and as such a strong healthcare crisis communications strategy is imperative.  There are two main questions to consider:

1.) How do you communicate internally and/or externally when healthcare workers become infected?

2.) How do you address social media issues/attacks when COVID related incidents happen?

Nationally, about … Read More

We can’t emphasize enough how the importance of building relationships through referral-based marketing. Whether it’s an existing staff member, marketing representative or themselves, getting out there and meeting potential referring offices has shown stellar results and helped many practices drastically increase their new patient numbers. Like other things, it does … Read More