We hear day in and day out about how important “word-of-mouth” is to our practice’s referral-based marketing. However, don’t undermine the importance of documenting these satisfactory visits.  With the internet as the driving force behind potential patients finding you, it’s essential to generate positive reviews … Read More

With referral-based marketing, we often discuss several opportunities to get out there, interact with others, and give presentations to potential referral sources whether it’s to another physician or to the community.  We have an entire referral outreach marketing program dedicated to getting you or a … Read More

Presented by Laura Mikulski at the 2017 Annual Conference for Free Clinics of Michigan.
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Why Use Social Media
As an organization you can use social media to educate, inform, spread awareness, advocate, and raise funds for your clinic. The platform with the largest user base is … Read More

A huge source of concern that’s been building over the years is the sometimes severe drop in referrals specialists see when their referral sources become part of an integrated healthcare system.  It’s already known that some hospital groups, such as Henry Ford Hospital here in Michigan, make it impossible to … Read More

We can’t emphasize enough how much success our clients get from building relationships through referral-based marketing. Whether it’s an existing staff member, marketing representative or themselves, getting out there and meeting potential referring offices has shown stellar results and helped many practices drastically increase their … Read More

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and if you haven’t started planning your marketing strategy for 2017 now is the perfect time to start. Your digital marketing channel is a critical component of your overall visibility, and as such a quarterly SEO assessment is a smart … Read More

While more and more patients are finding their way to your office via the web, getting patient referrals from other physicians is still very much imperative, if not vital. Time and time again, practices that engage in referral-based marketing have doubled and tripled their new patient numbers simply by picking up new … Read More

Physician Referral Marketing has decided to become a Google Partners agency! What this means, in the most simple terms, is that we employ best practices with Google products and employ professionals with demonstrated competence in Google products (such as Adwords/Analytics), which signifies that our company is strong, has happy customers, and … Read More

Bad reviews can happen to good doctors. It’s almost inevitable: some patients are adversarial, some are upset about insurance reimbursements, some may have just had a bad day. You might even get negative reviews from ex-employees with a bone to pick, former colleagues, or competitors. We’ve seen it all.  In … Read More

The wisdom of Forrest Gump is streaming through my brain right now. Remember the famous line from the movie?  “I may not be a smart man, Jenny. But I know what love is.”
Well…… Read More