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Remove Negative Reviews - Pay AFTER Content is Removed

You do NOT need to suffer from a negative, defamatory review. We are experts on removing reviews for physicians, dentists, surgeons, and psychologists. We are the ONLY group that focuses exclusively on this niche, and as such we’ve been able to achieve amazing results. In fact, we’re the top agency of choice for fighting & removing reviews from website like Vitals and Caredash.

You’ve worked hard to establish your reputation – don’t allow someone with a vendetta to destroy it online. Our legal team will go to work for you, taking stock of the current reviews and any information you have on who may have left the review. We’ll then go to work contacting the review websites through the proper channels to get the review removed. We have a 90% success rate in negative review removal.

No money up front, no risk – you only pay for results. Take back your reputation today!

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Why Should I Care About My Negative Reviews?


  • 90% of patients research your business before visiting.
  • 1 in 5 people who use the internet to find a doctor rely on physician ratings.
  • 82% say reviews impact their decisions.
  • Patients spent 31% more on doctors with excellent reviews.
  • 84% of Internet users trust customer reviews more than expert reviews.
  • 20% of all searches on Google are related to location.
  • A Local Consumer Review Survey conducted in 2013 revealed that 67% of consumers read six reviews or fewer before forming an opinion about a business, and 73% of them trust a physician more based entirely on positive reviews

FACT: almost every physician will get a negative review at some point. Dissatisfied patients are increasingly turning to physician review websites to leave anonymous reviews to ‘get back at’ the physician or practice.

FACT: virtually none of the review sites care about your side of the story. The review websites do not want to get into the business of determining what’s true or false, and have very strict rules as to what constitutes a removable review.

FACT: a person with a vendetta can LIE and leave MULTIPLE NEGATIVE REVIEWS in a matter of days. Many websites do not keep track of identifying information that can prevent the leaving of multiple reviews.

FACT: the review websites do not give out personally identifiable information of the reviewer in most cases. Sites like Vitals refuse to store information on those leaving reviews, and so cannot share with you the who the perpetrator is.

FACT: many review sites do not allow the reviewer to delete their own review. Sites like Vitals, Caredash, RateMDs, & Healthgrades do not allow reviewers to go back in to remove their own review. This leaves you and your lawyer in a bind after sending a cease-and-desist to remove the review; it’s literally impossible for the reviewer to take it down.

We are the best team to handle negative physician reviews. Angry patients & people who feel wronged (ex-employees are major culprits) will go out of their way to slam your practice, unprompted. When that happens, we’re your best no-risk solution to get those review removed, FAST.

What Does Reputation Restoration Include?

Pay For Performance

We’re so confident in our ability to remove reviews that we’re able to start working for you before ever asking for payment. If we don’t produce results, you don’t pay. It’s really that simple. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with our expert team.

Expert Legal Team

Our expert legal team handles the entire process of fighting the negative reviews. Often we’re able to get reviews removed within ONE WEEK. We get to work within 1 hour of you signing your contract.

Protection from Future Reviews

When you work with us as a Reputation Restoration client, you will be allowed a greatly discounted rate on our Reputation Management platform. It’s the absolute best way to prevent future attacks on your reputation on these medical & doctor review sites.

Work with Integrity

Our clients love working with us because they know they will always get sound advice & transparency in the difficulty level of removing the reviews. We strive to be up-front with how the process progresses and the likelihood of timely removal.

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Contact us for a quote - we will contact you back ASAP! Call for expedited service.