Nearly 80% of internet users search online for health information – 44% of which are looking for a provider.

Local search marketing encompasses many things, but primarily focuses on paid search marketing and organic search marketing. We strongly recommend organic search marketing (most commonly referred to as SEO) for long term growth and results, but paid marketing has clear advantages for fast results. The ratio of marketing efforts depends entirely on your niche and preferences, but we can safely say that without devoting part of your budget to at least one, you’re short-changing your overall online visibility.

Why Chose PRM for Local Search Marketing

  • Experience. PRM search engine optimization & marketing staff have over a decade of experience designing and executing PPC and SEO search marketing campaigns for health services niches.
  • Expertise. Our search engine marketing teams have a thorough understanding of industry best practices and how to structure programs to achieve success in the very complex and competitive worlds of Google, Yahoo and Bing. As more and more people begin searching via the apps and native language identification on their phone, we've adapted to include search visibility on phones, maps, and within Siri.
  • Results. We stay focused on results, working diligently to improve your campaigns and maximize the return on your marketing expenditures.

Local Search Visibility Marketing for Doctors

What's the Difference Between Paid & Organic Local Search Marketing?

Paid Search Marketing

  • Paid search marketing offers you the advantage of SPEED, enabling you to secure a top position of visibility on the keywords that patients search to find your practice.
  • Paid search marketing / PPC allows you to precisely target ads to users looking for exactly what you offer in the service area your practice covers.
  • A strong PPC campaign allows your ads to follow potential patients to other sites through retargeting/remarketing, tracking valuable information about them so you can better advertise to them.
  • Provides comprehensive data on what terms people are searching for, what ad copy they click on, and demographics of those potential patients. Organic does this as well, but search engines are clamping down hard on what data they provide to push more web properties to advertise.
  • Gain quick insight on what 'pushes buttons' with those searching for your services. By seeing trends in what prompts someone to click on an ad, you'll gain valuable insight into what you should include on your organic campaign.

Organic Search Marketing

  • Organic search marketing builds with time, taking roughly 3-6 months minimum, but ensures that you dominate search results with consistent effort.
  • Strong SEO means that your rankings stay high without additional budget- you're not paying per click or every time your ad is displayed, you're paying for website ranking strategy that signals to Google that your page is EXACTLY what patients are searching for.
  • Gain patients through the confidence they feel in selecting organically displayed results. Some individuals see search result ad space as off-putting, and won't click on the ads as a result. Be there as their alternative!
  • Local map results are an essential part of your organic search marketing plan. Those local listings stand out, and are often placed at the top of search results.
  • Long term growth of visibility is the goal of organic marketing, and with effort, you'll reap the results for years to come - the same can't be said of paid marketing, which disappears when you stop allocating budget to it.

Physician referral marketing services

A comprehensive, smart local search marketing strategy is one of the most crucial components of marketing your practice. Consisting of paid search marketing, organic search marketing (SEO), directory management, review solicitation, Google local business listing management, all parts of this branch of marketing will help to grow your practice. Not sure what parts are most important for your practice? Contact us and we’ll assess your visibility online to see where you should allocate your budget.


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