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Online reputation management is critical to any practice that wants to grow or maintain its business.

Online Reputation Management & Restoration

Your reputation is your most important asset. Individuals are researching their doctors & dentists before making their first appointment – negative reviews can kill your chances of ever seeing these folks in your waiting room. Your online reputation not only affects the choices of potential patients, but reflects on the clinic, colleagues, employees, and current referral sources; which is why, online reputation management for doctors& dentists has become indispensable now to help them manage, control and protect their hard-earned practice reputation. Review websites such as Google+Local, Yelp, HealthGrades, RateMDs and Vitals are among the ones with the highest visits, influencing physician’s overall online medical reputation.

People are going to talk – it’s up to YOU to control the conversation. It’s simply not optional to get involved in protecting and managing your reputation: it’s a necessity. Get involved early and gain positive reviews before naysayers have the opportunity to impact your practice.

Reputation Management Websites Include (But Are Not Limited To)

vitals review management

healthgrades review management

ratemds review management

realself review management

google doctor review management

yelp review management

facebook review management

webmd review management

Why Should I Care About Reputation Management?


  • 90% of patients research your business before visiting.
  • 1 in 5 people who use the internet to find a doctor rely on physician ratings.
  • 82% say reviews impact their decisions.
  • Patients spent 31% more on doctors with excellent reviews.
  • 84% of Internet users trust customer reviews more than expert reviews.
  • 20% of all searches on Google are related to location.
  • A Local Consumer Review Survey conducted in 2013 revealed that 67% of consumers read six reviews or fewer before forming an opinion about a business, and 73% of them trust a physician more based entirely on positive reviews

FACT: most patients will never want to leave a review. Why? Because they’re not passionate about the experience they had.

What kind of patient is most passionate about sharing their experience? Angry patients & people who feel wronged (ex-employees are major culprits). These people will go out of their way to slam your practice, unprompted. You need to beat them to the punch and prompt those happy, satisfied patients to review you first & often. We specialize in creating muli-point processes to engage your patients and get those positive reviews flowing.

Why Choose Us?

1. Personalized Plan

We take a look at your overall practice and needs and develop a plan around you. Not every review site carries the same weight, and we have the knowledge and skills to get your reviews on the ones that matter most.

2. Better Search Engine Results

We are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, and local marketing for physicians & dentists is greatly enhanced by a solid reputation management and solicitation plan. Get ranked higher in Google search results, and get more patients by way of your established reputation!

3. Consistent Contact

We’ve found that happy, satisfied patients need consistent contact before they will write a positive review. We use email, text messages, and tangible takeaways to solicit these positive reviews.

4. Management & Restoration

Just starting out and need to solicit reviews? No problem. We’ll get you started establishing a high profile online. Damaged reputation? That’s our specialty. While we can’t delete negative reviews (only the review writer can do that), we’re experts in reaching out to those who have reviewed your practice to mediate on your behalf when possible, while suppressing negative reviews by soliciting positive reviews. Sounds simple right? It’s actually a very intensive process, and requires daily attention- most practices can’t afford to devote the time to necessary to change the tides of opinion online. Get back to the business of health care and let us take over damage control.

What Does Reputation Management Include?

Personal Attention

We don’t give you specialized software to manage reviews- instead, our team manages them for you. Our team outperforms the leading competitors review management & monitoring software hands down, meaning more reviews on every website.

Proactive Solicitation

We get involved in soliciting positive reviews early & often: it usually takes several points of contact per patient before they will actually review your practice.

On-site Reviews

Many reputation management platforms solicit reviews and keep them within their own controlled review space (we’re looking at you Demandforce & ReachLocal). Sounds great, right? Wrong. Those other popular review sites come up in Google searches FIRST – and if you’ve spent any time looking for things online, you know that you rarely scroll past the first few results within a Google search. We work within each review platform to maintain your reputation.

Work with Integrity

Nobody can ‘delete’ the reviews that damage you, no matter how boldly they claim it. Leading reputation management sites charge a fortune to put a few fake reviews out there, and then bully you with threats of bad reviews if you want to discontinue. We stand firm in keeping the process transparent, and will even guide you in best practices should you wish to continue without us.

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