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Physician Liaison


Physician Referral Marketing (PRM) is a full service healthcare marketing agency serving the needs of specialty physician practices throughout the nation. Located just outside of vibrant Detroit MI, the members of PRM come from a variety of backgrounds to ensure that you get world class service at remarkable prices.  We are passionate about growing your practice through strategic campaigns and community representation. We firmly believe that customer service is the keystone of every business, and we’ve put the best people in position to ensure your experience is top-notch.

PRM’s Physician & Community Liaisons spearhead B2B referral generation and overall referral growth & retention strategies for PRM clients.

+Supports & assists in design and implementation of physician relations and referral development initiatives.
+Builds rapport with potential referral partners through direct contact and community outreach activities.
+Delivers information and education regarding PRM client value propositions and develops relationships with community and referring physicians.
+Performs daily outreach activities through a variety of platforms including: direct (in-office) contact, email campaigns, social media outreach, appointment setting, lunch & learns, and event promotion.
+Develops referral marketing materials to be used in a variety of outreach campaigns
+Strategic consulting in patient relations, growth strategies, and overall visibility.

Specialties: physician relationship management, brand development, online visibility, physician liaison outreach, community outreach, healthcare marketing, medical marketing, physician marketing, reputation management, website development, search engine optimization, creative design services, advertising campaigns, marketing strategy development, referral relationship development


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